It happens to all of us…that moment or event that changes our lives forever!  Mine was as a child; the first time I saw a picture from my uncle’s Polaroid camera develop right before my eyes.  He had taken the picture less than a minute before.  A moment in time, captured forever!

I love capturing these times for others. Every picture has the ability to bring us back to an exact moment…what we were doing…how we were feeling. I want you to be able to remember those times, and give you the ability to share with others…maybe 15 or 20 years later…those same feelings and memories.

The whole process…meeting people, getting to know them and their families, the joy of capturing the "moments"...this is what being a photographer is all about and what I enjoy.  I strive to capture you in your natural environment doing what you normally do.  Although I have taken many "group" pictures and there is definitely a place for these, there is something special about capturing people being their real selves.  Lifestyle photography is just enjoying your life!

I am blessed to be surrounded by family, good friends…and animals that make me laugh every day!