Stewartville Prom

Do you remember your high school prom?  I do...even though it was several years ago!  These are some of the memories we make and never forget.  And although my prom was very, VERY different from the proms of today, I still saw the joy, excitement, friendships....and memories being made during the Stewartville Prom.  I had great fun seeing the women looking absolutely beautiful, and the men looking very dapper!  Hopefully they all had a night to remember...even several years later!

Lena and Collins - and the Fun Begins!!

Oh...the joy of Newborn Photography!  I had the privilege of being there when Lena met her little sister Collins for the first time.  Now, I was invited to come to their home and see them interacting in their own environment.  I'm sure as with any new baby, there are going to be some "sibling rivalry" in the weeks, months and years to come....but I can guarantee there are going to be many more "sisterly times"....and I can't wait to capture them!

The Joy of Sisters!

I never had the joy of having children, so I've never in my 50+ years seen the absolute bliss on the face of a child when they meet their new sibling for the first time.  I was so honored to join Amy and Nate when little Lena got to see Baby Sister Collins for the first time yesterday.  No words are needed....just look at the complete Love and Joy on Lena's face!  She is going to be a fantastic Big Sister.

Strong is Beautiful!

It seems that the world is ever-changing.  But one thing still holds true, Strong is Beautiful!  And this can have many meanings.  You could have a strong personality, a strong physical presence, a strong sense of moral ethics (my personal favorite).  But one of my favorite strengths is women who are strong, confident and beautiful....all at the same time.

Lena's New Sibling

I am so blessed to have met Amy about three years ago at a Zumba class.  I offered her a maternity shoot....and the rest is history!  It has been so much joy to take picture of Lena over the last three years, and now she's going to have a sibling!!  You can see by the pictures that she seems a little excited.  I can't wait to take pictures of Lena interacting with her new little sibling, which is due to arrive any day now!  So stay tuned...more to come!!


David at 18 Months

So, you know when you have one of those days?  When you get home and go, "That's what makes life so much fun!"  Well, yesterday was one of those days!  I got to spend time with one of my favorite little boys.  I have known David since before he was born and now at 18 months, I'm totally in love! :-)  His parents have become good friends (thanks again, Amy!) and watching them interact with this wonderful little boy makes all the terrible things in the world just melt away.  They sing to him, together.  They love him with all their hearts and it shows without even looking for it.  And they share him with me!!  I hope I'm fortunate enough to be around to watch this little man grow!

Madeline Joy's Christening

I recently had the honor of being present, and capturing the christening of little Madeline Joy.  She was christened on Sunday, February 7th surrounded by her parents, extended family and friends, and the congregation of her Catholic Church.  She wore her Mother's christening gown and the water used was brought back from the Jordon River by her grandparents.  Talk about special!  During the christening, the entire congregation gathers around the baptismal font to witness and confirm their dedication to this child.  It was truly an amazing event!