Photo tips:

Great portraits don't just happen by accident; they take planning.  Following are a few things you should think about before your photo shoot.

Be who you are!

You and your family are all individuals with diverse personalities.  Let this shine through in your portraits!  The days of "matchy-match" are gone.  Let your outfits match your personality so when you look back at these photos in years to come, you will see who you are, or "were", at that time!  Your portrait will be so much more interesting with a variety of textures than with everyone looking alike!

Layers work wonders

When you wear layers, not only do you add texture and interest to your photos, you have the ability to change the look of your outfit.  By simply taking off one of the layers or rearranging the order, you have a totally different look.

Diversity of colors and patterns

You know when I said that "matchy-match" was gone....well so is the rule of no patterns or mixing of different styles.  You can easily mix floral patterns, stripes and solids.  Although the colors don't need to match each other, they should match the feel of the picture.  If you want light and airy, go lighter colors.  If you want the urban feel, use bolder colors.

Think about your location

If your shoot is at the beach, wear sandals or go bare-footed.  If you're in the woods with jeans and a sweatshirt or jacket, wear shoes with closed toes.  Just think about what you would normally wear to be comfortable in whatever location you will be having your portrait taken.

Know your neutrals

White is not the only neutral!  A light blue shirt or a blush colored dress is still neutral.  Actually, any solid color can be considered neutral.  Spice up your neutrals by adding textures and patterns...and this helps with layering too!

I am more than happy to discuss your clothing choices to help you feel comfortable with what you will be wearing.  Simply contact me.